Friday, May 6, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

I keep a journal to honor my mother who passed away 10 years ago. This journal is not shared with anyone as it's a way for me to vent, talk to my mom and honor her and the things she loved. Here's a rare look at this week's entry for my mother, the gardener. Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Zen lotus

I have been experimenting with a new palm stencil from I actually cut off the edges of the stencil frame so I could use it more freely.
One of the pages didn't work out as is, but covered up with titanium buff, a white gesso lotus and magenta drips transformed the page into this lovely zen image. Love when those "mistakes" happen and give us an opportunity to create something better, don't you?

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Creating and copying your own art

I often create something and then run off to the copy store to make color copies in all sizes to reuse in other artwork. My latest creation is from a prompt for Inspiration Wednesday by Donna Downey. I won't share the process but you can join in the fun here.

I recently purchased light modeling paste and TCW aspen tree stencil so these became the focus for my inspiration. When I buy a new stencil, I try it out in my idea journal.

Next I try different techniques in my experimenting journal. Note: be patient and let the modeling paste dry before adding glaze colors!

After experimenting I felt ready to start the IW pages-- using the modeling paste on left and glaze on the right. I keep a notebook of favorite quotes by subject so I pulled out one I wanted about "magic" because the trees reminded me of a magical forest.

Next it was time to make color copies and reuse my own beautiful paper in another project. I made color copies of the pages above at a reduced size to fit my planner. Here are the results below:

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Welcome March!

I started my March page of DLP by incorporating a favorite magazine clipping. I pulled out this lovely nest image I saved for inspiration. I first glued pages from the Farmer's Almanac (for March), then glued the image. Next I edged the page with brown ink and added some quick swipes of white paint. I stamped the 3 and butterfly on pieces of torn mulberry paper and glued in place. You'll notice that I themed my page around March, the number 3, third month, and 3 eggs. Give it a try! All you need is a glue stick and some magazine pages!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Painting with one hand

I recently broke my wrist from a fall so haven't been able to do much of anything. I discovered I could snap open a jar of paint, squeeze some out, and then finger paint or use a brush -- all with my right hand! Perfect!
Inspiration came from Flora Bowley and Alena Hennessy who introduced me to using a lot of layering when painting. This was originally an abandoned painted background that was dark and uninteresting. So I painted a pod - one of my favorite shapes - over top, then covered the background with buff paint. Allowing everything to dry before layering is key. I love how the colors underneath create a unique look.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Inspired by Basquiat and Jodi Ohl

I believe in the healing power of art journaling, so decided to share a very personal example.  JumpStart's challenge recently inspired me to study the work of artist Jean-Michel Basquiat who said, "I don't think about art when I'm creating, I think about life." Here's an inspiration from his graffiti-like style and my life experience. My dad lost his battle with heart disease yesterday, so I wrote a letter to him and covered it up with this art. The song by the Rascals "Asked my family doctor what's ailing me -- All you really need is Good Lovin'" came to mind for me. Here is what I expressed using paint, gesso, water-soluble crayons and Sharpie paint pens. Special thanks to Jodi Ohl for her interpretation of this challenge.
I included "depart/go in peace" because he said that at the end of every church service.