Friday, May 11, 2018

Time to celebrate!

Using an old gift card is a great way to spread paint! It’s fun, fast and stress-free, in addition to using very little paint. Here I chose the Mexican flag colors, but added YELLOW -- because it loves to party! I added scraps of paper from the day including a napkin I obviously didn’t use but saved for my journal instead! I intend to add some personal writing to the page. What memory will you document today?

Friday, May 4, 2018

More inspiration

I love playing with watercolor and watching the magic of colors blend together. Nothing 'beets' the magic of watercolor!
And let's celebrate the uniqueness of you! Start with Distress inks applied with a sponge using a honeycomb stencil. Then use a Pentel brush pen to draw the image. A small stipple brush can be used to color the image with Distress inks. Finally, add your text and scraps of washi tape and stamped rice papers. Use YELLOW, of course, the color of optimism, happiness and celebration!