Monday, April 6, 2009

Round Robin Aqua book completed

I wanted to share my completed Aqua book- 10 fabulous artists each contributed a page to the book, while I completed a page for each of their books. You'll see the artist's name credited under the page she created. Click on the flickr boxes (Below right) to see the pages I created for them.
Cover by Betsy

Tags from the Artists(L); "Home page" (R)

My page (L); Linda Manning Findley (R)

Linda Manning Findley (L); Linda Kunsman (R)

Linda Kunsman (L); Karen Ouellette (R)

Karen Ouellette (L); CindyMcMath (R)

Cindy McMath (L); Debby Harriettha (R)

Debby Harriettha (L); Christine Shebroe (R)

Christine Shebroe (L); Caryl Hoobler (R)

Caryl Hoobler (L); Pam Barnes (R)

Pam Barnes (L); Sanna Burgess (R)

Sanna Burgess (L); Artists Tags (R)


arttage said...

Just look at my boobies! Love the book Betsy!!! But mine is even better! I was thrilled to do art with you my new bestest gf! Love ya, Sanna

carylsrealm said...

Looks beautiful Betsy!

Linda Manning Findley said...

Betsy your book turned out wonderful ... I so loved this RR .... Linda F