Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Glue journal - Tea Time

Here's another attempt at cutting and pasting into my glue journal.  This was inspired by a tea pot in a magazine and thinking about "tea time". I cut the watch out of a Fossil catalog last Christmas (and Santa delivered it!) to add to the page. I made it in time for Artsyville's "Glue It Tuesday". It was relaxing to simply cut out shapes and glue to the page!


Lynn Fisher said...

Great color and shapes...I also love what appears to be Japanese lettering on your background. I'm going o try that cutting out what I want from Santa : )

Lori Saul said...

This is very beautiful- love your journalling and artful blog. I look forward to visiting again!


Foxglove Hollow

Deborah Weber said...

Lovely. I agree it's quite relaxing to cut and paste, and you've produced a page that has me wanting to kick back and make a pot of tea.

Rossie said...

I am enjoying your artwork and blog.

aimee said...

yes!! i'm going to make a pot right now!!