Sunday, March 13, 2016

Creating and copying your own art

I often create something and then run off to the copy store to make color copies in all sizes to reuse in other artwork. My latest creation is from a prompt for Inspiration Wednesday by Donna Downey. I won't share the process but you can join in the fun here.

I recently purchased light modeling paste and TCW aspen tree stencil so these became the focus for my inspiration. When I buy a new stencil, I try it out in my idea journal.

Next I try different techniques in my experimenting journal. Note: be patient and let the modeling paste dry before adding glaze colors!

After experimenting I felt ready to start the IW pages-- using the modeling paste on left and glaze on the right. I keep a notebook of favorite quotes by subject so I pulled out one I wanted about "magic" because the trees reminded me of a magical forest.

Next it was time to make color copies and reuse my own beautiful paper in another project. I made color copies of the pages above at a reduced size to fit my planner. Here are the results below:

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Linda Kunsman said...

nice pages, and I really like that stencil!