Sunday, March 10, 2013

"Beautiful" pages

Today I finished the other side of the yummy background colors page.  This week I got a tea bag fortune that read "There is beauty in your presence".  Then Jay came home from a long week and called me "Beautiful" all weekend.  When I was in my studio today the "Beautiful" song was playing from a Glee CD.  So this is the result of my mind playing this scenario. I added gesso and oil pastel around a hand-cut heart stencil then glued strips of Japanese newspaper.  As I was working, the blue paint strip fell off the shelf so I wrote the lyrics to the Beautiful song right on it.  The ink ran a little but I added some turquoise and liked the effect.  Everything was so filled with synchronicity today!
I also have to say, I love working with these spray inks on a wet page, you get wonderful results like the blue burst in the right corner.