Saturday, March 30, 2013

This year's eggs

My Easter traditional is to dye "onion skin" eggs.  My grandmother and mother did this every year. I start saving the skins in February until I can fill a pot with them.  Us red or yellow onions, or a mixture, it doesn't matter. Just boil, allow to sit after turning off the heat and this is what you get.  When cooled, rub them with a little oil to make them shine!

A new tradition is trying a different way each year to take the photo. So I went for a Zen-look this year.

Another family tradition is to "Box" eggs at Easter dinner.  Each person chooses an egg. Then one person holds his/her egg while the other person hits the egg from top.  The egg that doesn't crack is the "winner"! Enjoy your Easter!

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Jo said...

These are really pretty. I have read about this but have not yet done eggs like this. I will one day.