Saturday, April 27, 2013

Red Rock Canyon

I had an amazing experience of biking thru the Red Rock Canyon.  At first, I was surprised to learn the first 5 miles went uphill. I gave it a try and then decided to ride in the van because my legs were shaking! I rode about a mile in the van and then got out to bike again.  Went further this time but rested again when the climb was really steep.  When the van reached the peak, I got out and rode the rest of the 10 miles.  Most of it was downhill but there was a "wall" and then another crazy hill.  I rode for about 6 miles without seeing another biker or the van. I was totally alone out among the rocks!  Finally I spotted a traffic jam of cars and rode closer to see 6 burros by the road --  Just standing there having a good time.  I rode on and finally spotted some bikers and a van way down the hill.  There was the group of bikers! We waited about 15 minutes for the final rider and the backup van to appear. I may not have rode the whole 15 miles (since I sat in the van for two-three miles), but I made it to the end! Yay!

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