Sunday, April 7, 2013

A doodle a day...

This week was a very busy work week that prevented me from blogging.  Here's the "Doodle a Day" page from the doodle book.  Since I doodle directly in the Art, Doodle, Love book, my book, pens and pencil are all I need to get in a little meditative-doodling time.  You'll see influences from Zentangle here as I love the repetitious patterns. It has a calming effect.
I also worked on this during Holy Week, tried a new weekly page approach.  It was fun to do and fun to fill in each day. I prepared the page by painting the border then filling in with an alternating grid of orange and purple.  I stamped the numbers and the eggs as fun borders. I completed it by doodling in the border area more with a white gel marker. (started here)
Hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday!


Linda said...

Nice pages Bets! Glad to see you're able to get a bit more art in with your book-sometimes having preworked pages makes for a great jump start.

Jo said...

Yes!! Thank goodness for doodles and doodling and books like these. :)