Thursday, September 25, 2008


I love teaching art journaling workshops. Everyone has a unique way of journaling and it's inspiring to see everyone get so excited and add his/her own personal flair. At times when I'm alone in my studio I feel as though I'm experiencing a creative block, and then I go teach - and bam! -- all these ideas come flowing out. It's cool for me and cool for my students!


I joined a Round Robin this summer. 10 artists are creating themed artbooks where we each complete a page for our monthly partner. I recently created these pages for Debby's black-and-white Vintage Women book. There are layers of lace, rubber stamping, mulberry paper, tissue paper, buttons, fibers and brads. The windows of the shrine open and close, too.


This is one of my favorite pieces. Canvas with washi paper, rubber stamping and buttons. The best part is that it's covered with wax! Features Lynne Perrella's Puccini's Muse rubber stamp image on decorative paper. Was published in Inspirations, Winter 2007 issue.