Sunday, March 18, 2012

Green Pepper Press - Crusade #61

Michelle's final challenge for the Team is: Restraining Order. As I often struggle to add more to make things look full, this was a welcome challenge. The challenge was timely as I journaled about a tree meditation during a visit to the beautiful grounds of Walking Winds. We were invited to meditate on a question by going out and wandering among the trees for some answers. I was drawn toward a tree by a small creek. You'll see a little journaling where I my senses took over: I felt the warm sun; heard the birds; smelled a burning fire pit; and saw some beautiful green leaves with tiny yellow buttercups shooting up. I felt answers coming from my mother and paternal grandmother, so you'll see three hearts representing three generations. It was time to return to the house, but a voice told me to walk to the end of the creek by the road. There I saw a mailbox with "1956", the year I was born, so I added it to the page. One of the answers I received was to play more -- so here I am playing in my journal!

BTW, the pink and red squares are copies of another journal page. I added hearts on top. I love having some of my very own backgrounds to play with.

We thank Michelle for all the challenges and understand her taking a break, but there are oodles of archives to find at her site and challenge yourself! Read about the challenge at Michelle's site.