Friday, April 14, 2017

April's color palette: violet, lavender and dark blue

This month's palette is centered around violet -- which sparks our imaginations, aids in creativity and speaks to our spirituality.

I've started some backgrounds and completed a few violet pieces.
I started with a violet background, added some yellow (complementary color) and then left the spread to rest and incubate in my head. The next day I looked at it and asked myself what am I going to do? "Got any bright ideas?" And that's when the stamps, stencil, tissue paper came out and I added the very text I was thinking!

Here are some more backgrounds waiting to be inspired by this month's palette.
I created a mandala by painting shades of violet (and gesso) over a "junk page" that had leftover paint.
Here's another fun mandala created over one of my March green pages. I loved this magazine image and had to save it - so here it is - incorporated into a journal page!