Saturday, November 19, 2011

Green Pepper Press Street Team - All The World's A Stage #57

This month Michelle challenged us to express the songs that make us Sing It Loud! I started creating a stage -- but switched gears to a disco theme since I am a girl of the 70's! I dedicated the page to all those songs that take me back to when I was singing and dancing in discos. I studied dance in college, and funny as it sounds, we all went out dancing to relax from all the ballet classes, choreography and rehearsals! I also remember going to some of my first discos with my older brother. You'll notice that I used the "Disappearing Act" page backgrounds. The swirls felt perfect for the expression of music and dance.

The second page represents a song that I sing constantly. As you can see, when I sing I dance - they are interrelated for me! Sway - by Dean Martin, Matthew Morrison or Michael Buble (I downloaded all three) - is one of my favorites right now. It plays in my head all day long!

I always play music when I am journaling, so just for fun, I opened my old journals and found this Disco page from 2003! I remember my daughter, much younger then, was watching a movie with a friend when she heard me blasting this song while journaling. She said, "Hey, that's a 70's disco song!" -- Yes, I answered, I used to be young!

I encourage you to try it yourself! Read about the challenge at Michelle's site.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Green Pepper Press Street Team - I'm a Believer #56

Michelle challenged us this month to journal what art and being creative means to us. I immediately created my believer page -- I'm a believer in art journaling, and those of you who know me, know this is very true. I inspire others to journal and can thank Michelle for introducing me to art journaling.

My second page is my creativity page which shows I've been expressing myself thru many types of art for many years. You may notice that I used the "disappearing act" pages from last month as the background for these pages. I wanted to include (but I ran out of room) that I only wish I had more time to be creative, but life's little necessities get in the way!

The page below was created on one of those days when I questioned who I was, and wondered if I was any good at what I do, and wondered if I was making a difference... (It's a watercolor crayon on gesso background)

I created this next page a few years ago -- but wanted to share: It was created to visualize all the compartments of my life during a time when I was feeling very overwhelmed. It symbolizes how therapeutic art journaling can be.

Thanks, Michelle, for all your talent and energy you put into the challenges. We love them!