Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Glue Journal - Blue

Back to the scrap box!  I had a feeling of blue come over me and then I opened my Smash book to some blue pages.  So, I started gathering, layering and pasting blue pieces together. I then cut out the bird for on top.  The bottom right paper was a piece of scrapbook paper that I painted over - again found in my scrap pile.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Glue Journal - Pink

I'm continuing the practice of gluing paper scraps into my Smash journal. So, this week, I took a gelli print I had hanging around and then found pieces of pink to create a collage.  It came together very quickly. I just layered pieces to coordinate with the gelli print.  Then I noticed that the page also coordinates with the Red page because I repeated the "frond" in the print and some of the same colors. I really love the simplicity of using up my old scraps that never found a home.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Glue Journal - Red

Once again, I sat down with my paper scrap pile and Smash book.  (This is becoming a fun challenge.) These were all scraps -- the old text sheet was painted with a white-wash that I never used.  The French newspaper came from my friend, Linda.  The red paper in the lower left was made by me.  I took red craft paper and stamped with a cherry blossom rubber stamp dipped in bleach; then I added squishes of gold metallic acrylic paint.  I always liked this paper, so there was a scrap to include here. The frond was an experiment when I took Michelle Ward's Frond Chronicles class.  We cut our own stencils...so instead of stenciling I traced the stencil onto scrapbook paper and cut out a beautiful frond.  It didn't work at the time, but found a home here.  Read more here.

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