Saturday, September 24, 2011

Green Pepper Press Street Team - Crusade #55

Michelle's next challenge included background color and disappearing overstamping of bold stamps. I did some playing here. The second one was completed, but I felt compelled to cover with gesso and spray with more orange -- for more "disappearing"! I plan to play some more - this is very fun!

Stencils found

Due to the hurricane, storms and saturated ground, my dad's basement flooded. I visited in an attempt to help with some of the cleanup. In the process, I found an old box with my Mom's stencil lesson plans. In a way it was spooky, as I just put together a stencil class three months ago and it was almost identical to what I found in this box that is over 20 years old! Most of the papers were damaged, but I did save two hand-cut stencils and used them on a journal page. My dad and I took a stroll through the yard and went to my favorite apple tree because underneath it four-leaf clovers always grow. We found at least 10!! Even a five-leaf!